An Ode to Christmas Decorating

I love Christmas.  It is the one season of the year when decorating your house in fake plants, things in the colour red, lights & sparkly things, is completely legit.  Cool even. Yet, any other time of the year (with the exception of Halloween) you would be considered a person of questionable taste.  Like that aunt of your childhood friend who had handmade Crochet Doll Toilet Paper covers  that matched the decor of each bathroom.  But, not Christmas. During Christmas it is totally okay to live out your decorating, entertaining & fashion choices as if you we Clark Griswald.

I love geeking out my Christmas enjoyment & love seeing other’s in theirs.  Weather it be Christmas sweaters, pins that light up or a house covered in Christmas.  My favourite part is to decorate my house & live in the christmas spirit for a month. One year, Klara & I took this to the ultimate level – we spent $200 at Dollarama on Christmas decorations & decorated every corner of our apartment in Christmas.


I do mean every corner.  We had Christmas decorations everywhere we could find space for them.  We had an interesting space.  A large kitchen, but otherwise our rooms were small & narrow.  We got creative, by placing the Christmas tree in the hallway outside of the living room & next to the kitchen, & we kept the living room decorations “moderate” (for us that year) not to overwhelm the space.

We even had a snowman in the backyard.


Happy Christmas decorating all!


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