Toronto’s Leonard Cohen Tribute

I developed an appreciation for Leonard Cohen in my teens.  I hadn’t noticed the music of Leonard Cohen in my house earlier, but when my dad bought the album The Future I couldn’t get enough of it.  I am pretty sure I took the album hostage for years.

For me, the death of Leonard Cohen was very personal.  When I found out that Toronto’s Choir! Choir! Choir!, a none-traditional open choir group, was putting on a Tribute to Leonard Cohen at Christie Pits park on November 16th, I knew I was going.  It was meant to be.

If you have never been to Christie Pits park in Toronto, first know that it is shaped like a bowl.  The stage where Choir! Choir! Choir! was leading the concert is located at the bottom of the bowl.  We walked from the North side of the park & were greeted by the sight of hundreds of people standing on the hill, with candles signing in union.


View from the south side of Christie Pits.

Thank You Toronto

It was a  beautiful  & perfect tribute to Leonard Cohen. I loved experiencing it with the community of Torontonians who came out.  It made the evening even more special for me & reminded me yet again why I love this city.  Because it isn’t all condo’s & Brads, it is a community of good open-minded humans, artists, & those who seek to connect with each other over shared experiences & moments.

So thank you Toronto for sharing this moment with me on November 16th, 2016.



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