TBT: The Kollektive at in/future

One of the themes of the summer of 2016 was art & my appreciation for modern & installation art grew & this Throwback Thursday post is dedicated to in/future the art festival put on by Art Spin & Small World Music in the now closed Ontario Place.

Ontario Place has been closed since 2012 for re-development & the signs of deterioration of the park added a special atmosphere to the art installations that had been placed amongst the grounds.



The Silos which use to be used to dedicated to the nature of Ontario during the heyday of Ontario Place, featured experiential art projects. This was one my favourite part of the in/future art festival.  It was fun to interact with the installation, to lie down on the floor to see the Hurricane, to stand in a room & just listen to sound.

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Seeing the relics of Ontario Places past as an Amusement park added a sense of nostalgia to the experience.

And the view ..


Oh the view ..



Ontario’s Cinesphere was the first permanent IMAX theatre in the world when it was opened in 1971.  They were showing original IMAX films from the 70s and 80s during in/future, but the architecture of the Cinesphere was more interesting to me.

Beach, bombfires & conversations with strangers

We sat at the fire pit by the beach after sunset with strangers & ate grilled cheese sandwiches made by kind strangers.  We wondered if we were part of an art installation?  One created to show the communal experience of humans sitting around a fire & remind us that it is part of human nature to bond over a fire.


Some of the installations at in/future weren’t visible in their full glory until after the sunset so our plan was to stay until dark.  But, even if that hadn’t been the case I would have wanted to stay just to enjoy the dusk views

And of course, to watch the sunset.


Sunset over Ontario Place



I had not expectations of in/future other than visiting the park for a day & getting beautiful pictures.   My experience of such art festivals is limited, but I felt the balance of installations worked in the space.   I think there was an opportunity to use the outdoor space to create more entertainment or experiences, but overall I had an amazing day.   I liked the fact that the park wasn’t crowded & going through the experience with others added a sense of community to the event. We need more events of this nature in Toronto.  It provides us with more opportunities to experience our city in a new way!



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