The Path

I discovered a forest the other day.

I usually stick to the paved path when I walk through this park as I know where it will take me & get me there quickly.  But, yesterday I felt the pull of the path less travelled, as  I wanted to immerse myself in nature for a moment, to escape the silent demands of humanity.



By going off the clearly marked & safe path I discovered a beautiful forest.  It made me realize that all paths can lead to beautiful things. You just have to walk them with your head up & eyes open.  You might discover something you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Like a forest that helps you to breathe.

Like an appreciation for the small things you forget & thus take for granted.  The hidden forests, the home cooked food, the people who stand silently by you waiting to catch you when you stumble.

Like the realization that the path less taken is your path.  That it may be hard to find at times, but you were distracted by things or scared to get lost, yet you realize that  you can find it at any time by just looking for it.





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