I woke up at 6 am today & it was Awesome

I have always thought that I am not one of those early riser, happy, morning people & have recently become a complete night owl.  The one that stay up until 4 am & sleeps until noon.  Which is great, if you are a college student, but less great when you are an adult trying to get things done.  Things like write for this blog, but there always seemed to be a good excuse.  It’s too hot.  I have no ideas.  I forgot to update my domain. Allergies.

But, this morning I woke up at 6 am & felt this magical essence of happy creative productivity.  I was like “I get it guys! I get you morning people! This is amazing! Hilary I get it!” 

So here I am awake at 7 am on a Monday after an amazing nights sleep, during which I actually had dreams, feeling awesome & eager to conquer the day.   As I write this I have decided that this is day one of my sleep reform as I am going to be  morning person this fall.  To help me keep this new-found eagerness to wake up early I am going to prepare a list of all of the reasons why being a night person is less than ideal.

Why Being Night Owl isn’t Everything its Cracked up to be

  1. It’s lonely.  Unless you are a vampire living with your coven or a college student, being wide awake at 2 am on a Tuesday night is a lonely business.  All of your friends, who have jobs, kids & responsibilities are asleep at 2am as they are going to be waking up early to do things on Wednesday morning.  Meaning you can’t text any of them about their day or with a funny thing you saw.   Thus, you start talking to strangers on the Internet.  Which can be tricky .. or depressing.
  2. Be honest, do you REALLY get that much done?   I use to pride myself on my 2 to 4 am burst of productivity.   Then I realized that most of the time I was just “up” doing shit all.  I am not more productive at night then I am in the morning.  I am more productive when I have a decent nights sleep.
  3. You miss out on stuff.   As the rest of the world wakes up with the sun, you miss out on all of the things that happen in the morning because you wake up at noon. I missed a lot of important news this way, a lot of news which I could have written about.
  4. You eat more, which if you don’t have a great metabolism = weight gain.  I am vain enough & mature enough to recognize that I am indeed susceptible to society’s weight standards & I just feel better at a certain weight.  Being a night owl results in late breakfasts & midnight snacking, neither of which is good for my metabolism.
  5. You become lazy.  At least I do.
  6. You end up having less time in your day.  Waking up at noon can be a great treat, but once it starts to become a routine it is less than great.  I’ve found that I have less time to do things I want to & end up wasting my night with silly things like binge watching TV shows I’ve already seen.  I am most certainly not being creative or productive.
  7. You maybe more depressed.  According to a 2013 study there is a tie between being a night owl & depression.  Personally, I have found that the mixture of all of the above reasons & having more time to “think at night” leads to me be being more down about the state of my life.  And I shouldn’t be.  My life is great, I just have to do more with it.
  8. You miss out on sunrises.  The peace of a morning sunrise is a beautiful thing to behold.  Sitting there with a cup of coffee & starting your day watching the world rise is a slice of happiness.  One which we should all experience once in a while.

So these are my 8 reasons why being a night owl are not working for me.  I probably am not naturally a night owl but a morning person in denial so if you are one, these may not apply at all.


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