Summer To Do List: Out of Town Antiquing

Living this summer on a budget I have learned that being outdoors & walking are key ingredients to finding plenty of free or really cheap entertainment.  I’ve walked to & around a lot of places this summer just to get out & occupy my mind.

Embracing the life change that came this year, my summer of 2016 bucket list consists of things that don’t require me to spend any money, or very little money.  Truth time – having to fill my time to avoid the monotony of the job search has made me get creative in ways I never bothered to in the past.  Patio drinks & shopping every weekend are just not an option for me.

So when a friend invited me to join her at on a trip to the Aberfoyle Antique Market a few weeks ago, I naturally said yes.  It is on my summer bucket list!

Getting out of the city is always a good thing & I love antique markets. You can walk around for hours & be entertained, without having to buy a thing. I did buy one thing, a red hat but then I look fabulous in hats.  I might bring hats back this fall.


There was so much “stuff” at the market.  Collections of old hardware, chandeliers, mini racing cars, plates, old doll accessories, signs, bikes.  The prices were MUCH better than any Toronto market or vintage shop.  Although wooden crates now cost $60 no matter where you buy them.

Aberfoyle Market has an interesting set-up, with permanent stores located in the middle of the square.


Some of these stores are just corridors, knocks & crannies of discovery. I did lose my friend in this one store as I was searching through a random corner.


There was A LOT, & I mean A LOT of dinnerware & knick knacks.  All of which spoke to me … but alas, there is no room in my shared-house for more dinnerware or knick knacks.  But, some day ..


As the weather had been gorgeous some of the vendors had stored their wares outside, in a haphazard fashion that any Urban Outfitters store designer would drool over. I mean look at how accidental, yet picture perfect this looks. I also feel as if I  need all of these things to complete my quaint artistic existence in the city, you know?


A type-writer & a record player, what else do you need in life?

The toy collection was a sight to see.  I especially loved the vintage toy-house kitchen sets & teddy bears.  I mean, come on look at how cute these are?


First Week of August Reflections

My summer of budget adventure has taught me a lot about myself & made me realize what things I needed to change to be happier in my life.

It has taught me that I had:

  • Gotten too comfortable in routine & too scared to take risks.
  • Let the shit of life get to me & get me down.
  • Stopped being creative & just spent money to fill my time.
  • Let go of control over my destiny & stopped living my life.

It also made me realize that:

  • I can still learn how to change.
  • I can take back control of my path in life
  • I am brave enough to take risks & do things that make me uncomfortable.
  • I can put myself out there & meet new people.
  • I can get back the things I thought I had lost.

So while this year has not been easy & I have had “bad days”.  Days on which I got scared about the future, frustrated by things seemingly not changing & played the “what if I had done it differently” game.

But, at the end of it all, I know everything has happened for a reason.  I am happier now than I was last year.   I notice things I didn’t before.  I am not in a hurry to get somewhere & can just be in the moment. My attitude to life has changed; I am calmer, happier & excited for what each day will bring.

So when life gives you lemons, grab tequila & then make some lemonade.



2 thoughts on “Summer To Do List: Out of Town Antiquing

  1. thenewcollector says:

    I love Aberfoyle! I went recently and wrote a review on my blog too. Lots of great stuff to see and buy. I don’t have much space but I managed to bring home a few treasures (as usual). Lovely write up and photos of the show! Cheers!

    • Kinga P says:

      I managed to control myself on this visit! Only bought a hat for the fall, but if I could have .. I would have walked away with a lot more.

      And thank you for the kind words!

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