Saw my first GOP Convention & as a Canadian, I have questions

On Thursday July 20th, 2016 I watched my first Republican National Convention.  I had to witness Donald Trump’s, probably, historic speech.   I am not sure what I expected, but not what I saw.  I have never witnessed such a euphoric response to a fear-mongering, hate filled speech.   It was shocking to hear the contents of the speech .. but more shocking to see the response.   It is hard to believe that anything really, really bad will happen IF .. but I’m probably not the first person to say that in the history of humanity. 

Having said that, I do have some questions after consuming some of the other speeches from the convention in recent days.   Some are serious, others are in jest.  I can’t help but try to find the humour in such situations so read & answer in the comment section. 

1. Do these things always last this long?  Are hour-long acceptance speeches the norm?

2. People drink at these conventions don’t they?

giphy (9)

3. Why do you only play rock music & country?  Why no classical, R&B or some hipster rock?

4. Why do republicans hate man buns & skinny jeans?

giphy (15).gif

5. Why is there such a high proportion of accidental Nazi salutes?  Is the same public speaking coach working with these people?

giphy (8)

6. How is a blue-collar billionaire different from a white-collar billionaire? Does one love America more than the other? And how do you know?

7.a. Why do Republican’s hate universal health care so much?  What is so evil about being able to go to the doctor or hospital & not have to worry about mortgaging your home for the third time?  I for one cannot imagine what it feels like to live in a country where if you get hit by a car you have to worry about paying for your health care.

7. b. Isn’t access to health care at critical times a basic societal / human right? And the only reason we entered into a social contract to create a government-run society?  Isn’t our ability to live in safety & without having to worry about death every day the only reason we do thinks like follow laws, pay taxes & participate in government things?

7. c. And was Reince Preibus really supporting this antigovernment health care idea by insinuating that you lose some element of free choice in its existence with the – “Independent people want individual solutions” statement? There’s only one solution for a broken leg.

giphy (21)

8. Why do you believe you are living in a pre-apocalyptic America like the one shown in the action packed classic Escape from New York?   I mean I know things are not perfect .. at times not great, but are they THAT bad?


9. Why is it the always the immigrants faults?

Failing economy = immigrants fault

Increased violence = immigrants fault

The Kardashians = immigrants fault

giphy (16)

10. The newscasters just throw words together in their commentary & hope that something sticks, don’t they?

11. Won’t building a wall around America just keep everyone IN, instead of keeping people OUT?

giphy (10)

12. Why do your nuclear bases still use floppy disks & why have you not gone to Mars yet, America?

giphy (11)

giphy (13)
13. How is Donald Trump going to ensure the following happens:

  • Make sure all working class families can pay their mortgage, put gas in the car & buy new clothes for the first day of school?
  • Protect Israel from Iran?
  • Build a border wall?
  • Take down all terrorists?

It just seems like a lot to do & all if it will require a lot of investment ..

giphy (14)

14. Why does anyone believe statements made by a man who use to be on reality TV without any evidence to prove said statements?  If I went into work & just made a bunch of statements I would be asked to prove them.

giphy (13)

15. Are you planning on moving to Canada on January 19th, 2017?


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