The Sun’s War on Bikes Continues

At times I imagine that The Sun’s editorial board brainstorm sessions are centered around “Things We Hate” followed by “Things We Are Offended By”.   As June is Bike Month The Sun has inevitably launched its blitzkrieg on Enemy #1 – Bikes, people who ride them, the “bike lanes” they ride on & the politicians who support them.

To kick off this years Bike Month, The Sun has published a lovely piece by Mike Strobel (the guy with “off beat views”) entitled Happy $#@%$& Bike Month!

Kill the Cyclists! JK!

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 1.26.18 PMI enjoy humour but Mike Stroble’s article is a badly written “opinion piece” (not a news piece although that is the section it lives in) that attempts to use Buzzfeed’s classic list format without the gifs, or humour.  

I do not understand The Toronto Sun’s rabid War on Bikes.  I feel as if their time & energy could be used more constructively to battle child hunger, working-class poverty or the cities Raccoon problem.  But, hey I guess people on bikes = the end of western civilization as we know it!

Oh I know Mike Strobel’s article “is a joke” & I am just a too easily offended feminist liberal cyclist.   But, I’m not offended oh no. I’m disgusted by The Sun’s pandering to the fanatical hatred of a few & fueling a division where none is needed.

And frankly, this “joke” is not even funny or clever or unique.  His opinion piece has a tone of passive-aggressive anger & negativity, & his funny celebrations are peppered with the usual anti-liberal jabes.  Stroble should really read The Onion or The Beaverton more so he can get an idea of how to write a satirical piece.  

His satire game is weak. 


4 thoughts on “The Sun’s War on Bikes Continues

  1. hamish wilson says:

    It’s almost hopeless to open up Mr. Strobel’s mind, such as it is. Sadly I think we need to expect anti-bike raving as most media are ‘carrupt’ one way or the other, and sometimes, some of us don’t help. Bikes can almost be far too subversive and anti-carapitalist, along with often being the most effective transport in much of the city.

    If it was in the ‘news’ section, then there’s a chance that the Ontario Press Council can take a complaint; columnists usually get to distort things because it’s opinion. And there is a degree of bike-hating for sure – and yes, bike lives matter too. The clearer grounds for a human rights complaint may well be agin the City though, as their background studies for the new Bike Strategy clearly discount the urban cyclist vs. suburban cyclist in crash data.

    This is the url: and about halfway down they say “…the lightest markings represent 1 collision on both maps, whereas the highest frequency locations for the City Wide and Core areas were 9 and 18, respectively, which represent the highest possible values for the darker markings. ” Presumably this is fine with Cycle Toronto etc., but I think all people should be valued equally – we all bleed red when hit.

    Meanwhile, safe trips.

    • Kinga Kollektive says:

      You are right, I think it is the subversive, rebellious aspect of cycling that scares some people. It is anti-status quo in their minds. And it must be jarring to realize that you can attain “freedom of transport” without the massive cost that cars require.

      I do not expect anything less from Stroble or the Sun but the constant anti-bike rhetoric. But, I too have the power of a keyboard & internet connection to respond to the worst of the worst drivel that passes as journalism at The Sun.

      Thanks for reading & commenting! Safe trips!

  2. jovialspoon says:

    Commenting from far away in Australia. We have our share of these media-morons as well. They are nothing but stooges for the motor vehicle and fossil fuel industries. I look forward to the utter financial collapse (it’s coming) of such vile media.

    Great blog by the way!


    • Kinga Kollektive says:

      It is interesting to see that this type of rhetoric is similar across the globe. I find to being used by people with very conservative & patriarchal social views. Cyclist are the real world & sometimes daily symbol of a rapid change that makes them uncomfortable & that they would like to ignore.

      But they can’t because there is a fanned cyclists on the road!

      And thanks!

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