Photo Diary: Kensington Market’s Pedestrian Sunday

Toronto was lucky this past weekend.  Summer came early in 2016.  It came with cloudless skies, 30 degree temperatures & balmy breezes.   Kensington Market’s first Pedestrian Sunday was the icing on the cities cake.

I love Toronto in the summer.  The people get nicer, their clothes get brighter (I will admit my winter wardrobe is full of blacks, greys & blues), they seem less stressed & generally happier.   It is during the summer that it is possible to get a smile out of your average downtowner or to strike up a conversation about the event you are at.

Kensington Market’s Pedestrian Sunday is such an event, as it draws pretty much every type of Torontonian to take in an afternoon of music, the weird, art, the food & to do so without the presence of any cars.   The event is free & always draws crowds, even on the rainy days, but our cities first Pedestrian Sunday was a bit hot & humid.

Perfect for a meandering stroll through Kensington to take in the sights, sounds & smells of the local community event.  Perfect for sitting on a curb, people watching & listening to the band playing across the street.


Kensington Market Pedestrian Sunday

At a time when my budget is restricted to really cheap or preferably free entertainment, I am grateful for all the accessible local events that Toronto’s communities put on.  It makes this city liveable & a joy to be in.

Kensington Market Pedestrian Sunday

Also, bubbles.  I mean how can you not get joy out of bubbles?

Kensington Market Pedestrian Sunday

Plus, discovering new local musicians to support.  I did not catch these guys name but they were awesome.


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