This is not the Adventures in Babysitting I Remember

Children of the 80’s Beware

Did you hear that they re-made the 1980’s classic Adventures in Babysitting?  No?  Me neither, that is until I checked IMDB’s new trailers section.

I helped my friend move her new couch yesterday & this morning I found myself in need of some easy to consume entertainment today.  By some logic, movies that are “easy to watch” (i.e. movies that do not require your full mental capacities) are always easy to find online to stream for “free.”

As I am looking through the new movie trailers, I notice the new trailer for Adventures in Babysitting, which was one of my favourite movies in the 80s for many reasons, and well this remake is nothing like the original.

The fact that this remake is a Disney production clued me into why the movie has been PG13ified with younger characters & a more “chaste” story line.  The audience is younger & Disney is wholesome type of stories.  But, they got rid of the Thor storyline??? My god that was THE best thing about the original.


Something the new generation will not be seeing




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