That took longer than I expected



I’ve had a lot of time to think over the past few months.   To think, to plan, to do.  And I had hoped that one of “to-dos” I would tackle with seamless abandon was writing.   I even prepared a writing space & woke up early to write.

Yet, I was never satisfied with anything I wrote.  All my musings on my life,  carefully thought out opinions or humours posts just sat in my draft folder.   I sit in coffee shops staring at the draft folder, trying to figure out what was wrong with the post?  Why couldn’t I finish it? Why couldn’t I publish it?

It was frustrating.  I had ideas.  I had time to do the research I wanted.  I had steely determination, if not motivation, to keep going & failing until I finally succeeded.  Because I would succeed eventually at writing something that I felt I could publish.

One of the issues has been to answer the question of what do I write about?  

I had too many options of topics to write about & not all of them made sense for this blog.

The obvious answer was to use LinkedIn to write about what my more professional interest (i.e. social media marketing, consumer behaviour) & devote this blog to a collection of more personal writing.  But, the answer did not seem obvious to me & when I lost my inspiration & just couldn’t write anything.  I too a break & did other things.

I started to read books.   I started to listen to podcasts.   I listened & took in other people’s perspective. I took the pressure off & allowed myself not to write.

It was great!  And I felt guilty.   But, then slowly I started to write again.   With one key difference, I deleted anything I didn’t think was interesting.  Which turned out to be a lot of things & I also didn’t want to write for the sake of making noise.  I didn’t want to be yet another person writing about Belgium or Ghomeshi, unless I had something of value to add or a passionate perspective on the topic.

I have decided to go with the flow.

And write everyday & publish the most interesting thing I write.





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