The 2016 Grammy Awards Controversy & Gossip

Did you watch the Grammy’s this year?  I stopped watching the Grammy’s a few years back when I discovered that I enjoyed the experience of catching up on the news & gossip after the Grammy’s versus watching them live.

So while I may not be able to speak to the entertainment value of the Grammy’s as an event,  I can certainly talk about the thing you really care about – the controversy & the gossip. Although anything that is 3 hours long with commercials’ cannot be that entertaining.

The 2016 Grammy Controversies & Other Gossip

TIFaylor Swift wining Album of the year, giving an inspirational feminist speech in which she dissed Kanye. 

Taylor Swift is the first woman to win 2 Album of the Year Grammy awards.

Taylor Swift is also the first white woman to tell Kanye West off.  I don’t know if that is true, so don’t quote me but it sounds right doesn’t it?

I wonder why Swift hasn’t told Kanye to jump of a bridge long ago, but maybe she was waiting for the right moment? Like the Grammy’s when she could call out “other people” (Kanye) who attempted to take credit for her success & fame (Kanye made her famous by interrupting her at the Grammy’s you know) & to put her down (Kanye would still totally have sex with).

Oh and if you were wondering at Kanye’s absence from this year’s Grammy’s …

kendrickLamargrammy2016Kendrick Lamar’s performance  & the fact that he did NOT win Album of the year. 

Kendrick’s performance was powerful, unique & amazing.  I don’t think a lot of people “got it” & I don’t think a lot of people get him.

Should he have won Album of the Year? Personally, I think he should have.   His album was the best of the nominees.  But, Kendrick’s music is steps ahead of the majority of the Grammy Member’s awareness of what innovation.   At least this year he wasn’t shut out off the awards completely & cleaned up the Rap category.

ladygagadavidbowietributeLady Gaga’s Tribute to David Bowie & his son not really liking it.

David Bowie’s son didn’t love Lady Gaga’s tribute to his father. It has caused some talk & some of Gaga’s more passionate fans have taken to social media to decry his lack of awe.

I found Lady Gaga’s David Bowie tribute to be less about David Bowie & more about how much Lady Gaga loves David Bowie. The start had promise, but seeing Lady Gaga dressed in drag was not new &  the whole thing ended up looking like a bad musical.

At least Lady Gaga was really into it.  

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The world loves you David.

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adeleThe Technical Issues with Adele’s performance & her response. 

It is always a shame to see an artist like Adele’s performance ruined by technical issues.  The woman can sing  &  yet all you can pay attention to during her performance is :

  1. The mic dropping on the piano strings
  2. The sound of an off tune guitar (mic on the piano strings)
  3. Adele’s mic going out

This must have been disappointing for Adele, but her response to the issues was amazing – “shit happens, let’s eat a burger.”

The 58th GRAMMY Awards - ShowJohnny Depp’s mid-life crisis band look. 

I could have happily died never knowing that Johnny Depp was in a band or seeing him in that outfit.  Alas it was not to be.

It maybe that the music was good, I don’t know.  I was too distracted by an aging Johnny Depp dressed like a 1990’s high-schooler/ pirate / 1980’s rocker who is going bald.   I never expected Johnny Depp to age like this.

pitbullThe Pitbull & Friends closing Grammy Performance

Confession: Pitbull is an artists who I enjoy listening to at a girls dance night out in the the club.   I have danced many times to one of Pitbull’s hits.

As the closing performer of the Grammy’s?  I dunno, there were too many people in the act & it ended up not being that interesting.  Plus, the whole time I  wondered who convinced Sofia Vergara to dress up like a Taxi?




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