W Magazine’s Gender Swamping, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”

W Magazine has re-created the iconic scene between Clark Cable and Vivien Leigh in Gone With the Wind, but with a twist.

The twist? A gender swapped audition reel with some of our favourite or most talked about celebrities.

My favourite part of the video is the Samuel L. Jackson and Jennifer Jason Leigh paring.  Yes Amy is hilarious, as always.  But Samuel L. Jackson silly delivery of the line shows the silliness of stereotypical feminine submissive and Jennifer … Jennifer gave me chills.

Eddie Redmayne is brilliant.   The confusion, the vulnerability, he nailed it.  Benicio Del Toro must never ask anyone for anything. I have no idea what Joel Ederton was trying to do.  I was disappointed by Cate Blanchette. The outtakes made a joke of the whole thing.  And although I love Kristen Wiig .. I did not love her version of the line.

“Frankly My Dear, I don’t give a Damn:” The Original vs. The Remix 

If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, the scene may portray the  stereotypical helplessness of a woman being left by her man.  The poor little woman can’t imagine life without her man!  Oh what shall she ever do!

In reality, “Frankly My Dear, I don’t give a damn” is one of the most iconic “fuck you, I’m leaving you” lines ever delivered.  Scarlett O’Hara deserved it and she wasn’t a “helpless little woman” either.  Even after losing Rhett, she survived.  I should also note that “Frankly My Dear, I don’t give a damn” was quite shocking language for 1939.  As a woman,  Viven Leigh could NEVER have delivered that line. Which makes W Magazine’s gender swap a bit more interesting.

To see the different actors interpretation of the iconic scene is fascinating.  The way in which the actors took to the gender-swap varied.  Some took it as a light hearted joke, others tried to deliver a message, and other’s seemed a bit confused by the whole exercise.

In the end, I think our interpretation of the gender-swap will be the most interesting. What do we the audience see in this video?  


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