Fonts of LA

L.A. the city of angles, dreamers and dream makers.   Where the sun is always shining and there is never a cloud in the sky.  Love it or hate it, L.A. is a fascinating city.

I don’t know which side I’m on yet.  I was only there for 3 days & that is not enough time to experience enough of a city to fall in love or fall in hate.  I  hated the cities car-centric culture, but I loved the weather & the architectural typography in the city.L.A. does posses the perfect back drop for architecture, a never ending blue sky & balmy weather.  Which allows for the use of strong colors, intrinsic sign designs & experimentation in materials.  Something we could never have in Toronto where buildings are built to withstand the beating of winter.

Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard is the touristy part of town, home to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Chinese Theater & countless of gift shops.  Once the sun goes down the bright neon lights come on.  I have decided that it is a bit like Yonge & Dundas Square, but with more lights & tourists.

Click on the picture below to view it full screen.

Melrose Avenue

Melrose Avenue reminded me of Queen West, with a L.A. twist.   Unlike Toronto’s Queen West, Melrose Avenue does not have any cyclists & many more high-end brand stores.   The latter results in some eye popping store facades.  The Paul Smith store was one of my favourites, bright pink with white font. Made me crave a pink house in L.A.

Click on the picture below to view it full screen.

And the rest

Griffith Observatory had lovely & simple Art Deco design & font.  West Hollywood was a mixture of modern vintage inspired typography & design, beside iconic American 50’s design.   You can even buy an original 1950’s Buick or Cadillac there.

Click on the picture below to view it full screen.

What did I miss on this trip?


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