Time is the most precious thing we have. Yet time is the thing we take the most for granted.

We assume we will have time for everything.  

Time to be in love.

Time to be be creative.

Time to travel.

Time to dream.

Time to be.

Yet, we use time as a commodity.  A thing to trade for things. To acquire things we trade our time.

Neither right nor wrong, time is something we feel we are entitled to.  That there will always be enough of it.

Yet, we aren’t.  Time is precious and we are lucky to have it.  We should cherish it and celebrate the time we have more than we do.

More Reading:

If you are in the mood to ponder about the meaning of time, I would suggest reading The Importance of Time, an economics paper from 1983 that talks about the feeling of being “time poor”.  Fascinating stuff.


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