Shock to the System

You are going about your daily routine. Doing the same thing day after day. You are not unhappy, but your not “living your dream” or “living to your full potential” or whatever the life coach experts are calling the feeling of satisfaction one gets when one is living an authentic / real life. 

You have responsibilities, obligations and goals to meet.  You don’t have time, energy or money to take the risk to do something.

Besides, what would people think if you suddenly quit your career, sold your house and moved to Thailand for a year? Or moved in with your parents to start your own business? 

Then one day, life gives you a shock to the system.

The things that were taking up your time and energy, and ensuring you had to be a X for Y time, are suddenly gone.

The people who you were worried about judging you silently, are gone. 

The reasons not to do something are no longer legitimate. 

What do you do?

What do you do, when your opportunity to do something with your life is thrown at your feet? 

To be continued …


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