Lazy Sunday Entertainment

To help you with your lazy Sunday entertainment choices, here is a compilation of Buzzfeed video’s that I enjoyed on a lazy Sunday.

If you like laughter, kittens, real reactions & real people in awkward situations, then you may enjoy this.

Premise: Buzzfeed gets a bunch of people drunk & feeds them drunk food from around the world.

Verdict: Awesome.  Will remind you of the drunk food you had last night.

Best line: “I feel weird that the Internet is watching us eat fucking wasted right now.”

Premise: Buzzfeed surprises cat lovers with a box of kittens to see their real reaction.

Verdict: Kittens in a box.

Best line: “This is so much better than chocolate.”

Premise: Best Friends swap phones for a day.  Here’s hoping that someone does something dramatic!

Verdict: Not kittens in a box, but hilarious if you have a friend who would actually post stuff as you on Facebook.

Best line: I guess we both care a little too much about what people think about us.”

Premise: Straight white-male’s act like straight white-girls & get into a fight.

Verdict: We all have to laugh at ourselves sometimes.

Best line: “I mean I am not being defensive but ..”


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