The Kollektive’s Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Don’t panic if you don’t have a Halloween costume.

This happens to us regularly.

With a few exceptions, over the years we usually leave our Halloween costumes to the last-minute.  This means, we have a couple of purchased costumes we relay upon , experience in pulling a costume out of our own closets & DIY’ing costumes with a trip to the craft store.

So if you happen to be looking for a last-minute Halloween costumer idea for women, look no further as The Kollektive is here to save the day!

1) A Christmas Present: Klara

What you need: A giant red bow, some golden ribbon, a christmas tree decoration & make up.

Where to get it: Come on, you know Dollarama has at least two Christmas aisle by now!

last minute halloween costume_the kollektive

2 ) An Owl: Kinga

What you need: Horn rimmed glasses, a sparkly top, boots & some feathers.

Where to get it:  Your closet.  You might need to go to Dollarama for the feathers if you don’t have any lying around.

last minute halloween costumes_thekollektive

3) Business Cat Meme: Kinga

This was a last minute costume I put together in one day, if I can do it so can you! Key to the costume is the background, which means you can do this with any meme.

What you need:  Black pants, button top, cat ears & a blue tie.  Construction paper.

Where to get it: Your closet, the local crafts store & maybe your office.  I got the tie at H&M.

last minute halloween costumers_thekollektive

3) Wonder Woman or Waldo: Klara 

Two classic costumes.  The picture is from the year that Klara bought the costumes, but you can easily make these at home with a bit of time & money.

What you need:

  • Wonder Woman: Red dress, a cap & gold head band.
  • Waldo: Red stripped shirt, red hat & black glasses.

Where to get it: The costume store, your closet &/or the mall.

last minute halloween costumes_thekollektive

4) Martian: Kinga

One of my all time favourite costumes as it was fun & cheap.  I pretty much had everything in my closet & I got to walk around shooting my laser gun all night.

What you need: Blue tights, blue top, black shorts & a big silver belt.  Get a toy gun from a store & I some wire from the craft store for your Martian antennas.

Where to get it: Your closet & your local dollar store.


5) A Reindeer: Klara

Yes this photo is from Christmas & not Halloween, but desperate times call for extra inspiration.  This is also a great last minute couple’s Halloween costume idea, as one of you can go as Santa.

What you need: White top, black bottoms & Reindeer ears.

Where to get it: Your closet & the ever-growing Christmas aisle at Dollarama.  It is growing as we speak people!

last minute halloween costumes_the kollektive

6) Kesha or “Rock’n’Roll Party Girl”: Kinga

One of my favourite Halloween costumes.  I did this one in 2012 when Kesha was at the top of her career, so everyone knew who I was. It was not exactly last minute as I came up with the idea a few weeks before & didn’t have to rush.  But, the idea is to look like a trashy singer or celebrity or generic trashy person & I know you have some questionable clothes in your closet you can use for this.

What you need: short-shorts, rock’n’roll tee, too much jewelry, fur coat (not shown), a bottle of Jack-D & too much make-up.

Where to get it; Your closet, your roommates closet.  Whatever closet you can get into, basically.
last minute halloween costume_the kollektive

Now that you have some ideas, check your closet & then get your butt to the store!

Happy Halloween!


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