Where were you 2 months ago today?

I have a tendency to work on draft posts too long, so long that I end up questioning the relevance of the experience or the thought.  So the post wallows in the purgatory of “Draft” forever & then 2 months go by & I wonder does anyone care about what happened 2 months ago?

Quick. What happened two months ago?

I well help you, it was Thursday August 27th …

Thursday August 27th, 2015

It was hot. We had a hot & humid summer & this day was no exception.

I had just launched a website at work that week.  I was tiered from the year long project but happy & days away from a long awaited staycation, during which I planned to sleep a lot.

I was riding my bike everywhere & it was awesome.  I was always a tad sweaty, but I had toned legs, a wicked tan & lived in Guess denim cut offs.

the_kollektive_fireworksI was seeing this Italian guy at the time.  It was still new & fresh.

We went to Trinity Bellwoods that evening. It was our 2nd or 3rd date, I can’t quite recall. I meet him at his house & we rode our bikes down to the park. He brought beer, cheese, deli meats & some crackers.  My favourite snack food & park beverage.

We had a great evening just chilling out in the park, talking, laughing & drinking.  We just talked about life & got to know each other.  There were even fireworks at the park.

It was a beautiful summer evening. One of those where everyone was out late because no one wanted to go home & we all knew those nights don’t last forever.  So even thought it was a school night, we were all staying up late at the park.

It was a good day 2 months ago … and today will be amazing as well.


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