A new path 

A new season & a new path opens up before me.

Am I brave enough to take it? Or do I hesitate & take the path I already know so well?

The path  that I can walk it without being really present.  Sleepwalking through the journey that will take me over & beyond.  As I know where the pitfalls are & the best paved moments.  I know exactly where to step, which way to turn & where to look down so that nothing happens & I get safety to the other side. Untouched by anything along the way.

Or do I take the path unknown? The path that can lead to anywhere.  It could be bad or it could be good.  It is unknown. Unexplored. New.  I could fall, trip, get dirty or encounter a person of ill-repute.  I don’t know what is beyond the bend.  Anything …

So, which path to do I take? The well known, well walked, routine & boring one.  Or the one I have yet to explore?



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