Where I stand with my baguette

This was my early fall outfit: Chunky v-neck cream sweater, black & gray stripped pencil skirt, paired with metallic flats & my red coat.

It was an outfit made for a where I stand / outfit of the day selfie.  Which is not easy to get right, by the way.  I have a lot of respect for the fashion bloggers & Instagramers who make this look so easy.  It is not easy to look casual as you are bending forwards to take a picture of your outfit. Those that make this type of picture look natural. just have a lot of practice & maybe more flexibility.  They also don’t care if 50 people seem them in the park, awkwardly bending over as they search for the perfect angle. That is their real power.

I don’t know when it became normal to have every picture we take of ourselves look like a fashion spread.  I am surprised more of us are not draping ourselves over benches in morose poses with dark kohl eye make up.  But, it is probably because a lot of benches are previously occupied by regulars, such as crazy lady who feeds the pigeons.

Fall, Baguette & Paris

Paris Print

Fall makes me think of Paris.  Handsome men in scarfs & baguette.

Since I am not in Paris, & while the scarf game of Toronto men has grown strong in the past few years, it is not the scarf game of European men.  Probably because we have 2 weeks of scarf game weather before it becomes “time to wrap every exposed piece of skin in warm fabric” game weather & you can’t blame a man for wanting to be warm over looking fashionable.

Which brings me to my baguette indulgence. When I could eat dairy, my favourite way to eat a baguette was with Nutella.  Oh. My. God.  Chocolate on a sandwich?  Life was complete.

Peanut butter is okay, but it is not Nutella.  Peanut butter is Betty, while Nutella is Veronica.  Which is the Archie in us suppose to choose?

Yesterday was Summer, today is Fall. WTF?

OFall Colors treesne day you are bare-legged, using your coat as an accessory & choosing to wear a none-warmth giving top. The next you are rummaging through your dresser looking for a pair of pantyhose that don’t have a run in them & pulling on a sweater that is warm. It still looks good, unlike your “winter sweater” & I know you know what I mean when I say that.

When you get outside, this chill seems to have come from somewhere North or West, Calgary mostly likely, & it seeps into your bones.  The chill turns into a biting freezing wind upon you stopping at the corner to cross the street.  You almost freeze to death waiting for that car to make just make that turn so you can cross.

What, take in the beauty of the changing season, you say? Screw that you can barely stand still without the full body shivering taking over.  You must walk quickly to your destination in order not to freeze. This is survival people! You will look at the beauty of the changing season on Instagram.

Welcome to Fall!  


Look at these people? With their little coats, just walking around without a care for the cold.

One day it was warm & the colors were oh so beautiful, & then the next it was kind of cold & you realized you don’t care about the beautiful fall colors, because you are COLD.  And you know fall is not like this everywhere.  In Europe fall is a SEASON.  A thing that lasts a few months & people get to enjoy. They go out for strolls & have coffees outside.  They don’t need to bundle up in layers to avoid pulling out their winter coats & they only need chic scarfs to keep them warm.

I always envy the Europeans their fall.  Fall is a beautiful season & I love it almost as much as I do summer.  I wish I could enjoy it more.  But, it seems to disappear in the blink of an eye.  Or in the time I took a nap.  But, it is still not winter & we have a new Prime Minster, who is now being sexually objectified across the globe, so I am sure someone is envious of us Canadians right now.

So I’m going to layer & go out for a stroll.  I may even sit outside for 2 minutes & have a coffee, before I am too cold & have to go back inside.  For all I know, it could snow tomorrow.


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