#SNBTO: Nuit Blanche 2015

“Is that art?”

The central question of Nuit Blanche.

The beauty of art is that, what is art is all up to you. You can define what you think art is & enjoy it as art whenever you want.  Art is what you think art is.

Which is pretty awesome isn’t it?  (I know.  Art is awesome!)

Nuit Blanche 2015 

I have been hearing (re: reading the comments of BlogTo)  that Nuit Blanche has been getting some flack this year.  Main reasons seem to be:

#1. The weather kind of sucked.  It was too windy to enjoy the walking required to do Nuit right.
#2. Things were far away from each other & #1.
#3. Crowds. Crowds of people who don’t know where they are going.Crowds of drunken people.  Crowds.
#4. Line-ups.  Because #3 & most of the art was indoors because of maybe #1?
#5. Not enough art or art being inside or not being able to see the art.

Okay I get it #2 & #5.  I had a bit of hard time finding all the art installations & they were a bit too spread out for me. But isn’t this what happens every year at Nuit Blanche?

It is October so the weather isn’t that great, but at least we have an opportunity to do something outside before it gets freezing cold. Remember in January, we will miss this October weather. Nuit Blanche is now a popular thing to do in October.  This means crowds & line-ups & drunken people as some people like to enjoy art slightly intoxicated.  Who are we to judge?

Nuit Blanche, is a hunt for art & I have heard that a hunt is not a comfortable experience.  It is a hunt so you can fall off your horse or get shot by Dick Cheney.  These things happen.

The Kollektive’s Highlights

This year I enjoyed the unofficial installations the most.

A YouTube make up mock tutorial in Granger park, the On Tilt inflatable flailing arm guy dance party at Much  & the Nothing” display in Kensington were my highlights.

They were different, unexpected, interactive & plain fun.

Location & context make the best art I think.   Plus, who can hate a night that ends in amazing Pho at 3:00 am?


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