Fear The Walking Dead: Where is the Apocalypse?

The fifth episode of Fear the Walking Dead airs today!

Seeing the collapse of civilization in the WD universe is fascinating.  I understand the call for more zombies that has come from some die-hard WD fans, but I’m enjoying the “normal” human drama unfold & get less normal as the Zombie Apocalypse hits. We don’t get to the mayhem & survivalist bad-asses over night.  First the thread of civility must die & we see its death in the breakdown of “civilized” human interaction.

As Rick says “the good people always die.”


A lot of people were disappointed by the fact that the show had skipped “the collapse” in “Not Fade Away”. We went from mayhem in downtown LA, to a safe  & protected suburban existence with military protection & a big fence. It would appear that the show has skipped over the big zombie outbreak & panic. But, let’s remember it has only been 9 days since the first outbreak in LA. Rioting ensued.  City infrastructure has collapsed but there is still some semblance of the former government in tacked, even if it is in the form of a few National Guard platoons. It seems realistic to me that some form of military would attempt to maintain the appearance that the government is still in charge & keep groups of survivors alive, while killing anyone that appears to be infected.


Everything seems normal in this episode.  People go jogging, paint their dinning room & gardening.  They are safe & protected by the government.  Things are going back to normal.  But are they really?

With arrival of the government everything has gone back to bland normalcy.  More so as people don’t have jobs to go to or TV to watch.  Everyone is bored. But, there is an ever-present undertone of “wrong” in this episode which is best seen through the use of sound.  The sound of crows when Alice came back with supplies in the red wagon at the beginning of the episode hinted at death outside the fence.   The electric-temp of the music when Madison first go outside the wall & sees the dead world.  And finally the slow dark tempo of the last scene when Travis witnesses the shooting of the survivors in the white house on the hill

Predictions for Episode 5

Having seen the teaser for tonight’s episode, I firmly believe the real collapse is still coming.  It appears we are going to see a break in the military as their real intentions come to life.   What are they? Well, I think the guys are no longer part of a real military & the safe zones are set up to draw the walkers to protect the military’s “real safe zones”.

Hopefully we will see more of Madison turning into a bad ass.  Did she take the gun? I hope so! But, don’t think we are going to find out tonight.

I also think we are going to see someone die tonight.


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