10 Movie Trilogy’s To Watch When You are Sick

You know when you are so sick you can’t even describe what you have?
parks and rec_everything hurts gif

It might be a flu. It might a cold. All you know is that everything hurts.  Overnight you seem to have turned into a phlegm factory whose production levels have gone through the roof.

There are not enough tissues in the world to meet your needs & everything is SO FAR away.  “I have to lift my arm & turn to the right to get my tea. This is too much!” “Oh my god, I have to go to the bathroom? I have to actually GET UP & walk … over there.  I don’t know .. this is going to be difficult.” 

When you feel like this there is only one thing to do (because you only have enough energy to do this one thing) – create a nest on the couch of your favourite pillows & blankets.  Okay now lie down on it.  It took a lot of effort to get your pillows & blanket from the bedroom to the couch.  After 5 minutes you realize you need to finish your nest creation.  You slowly get up to get your survival kit:

  1. A box of tissues.  The fancy ones with lotion that you only get when you are sick.
  2. Tea. Lot’s of it.  I usually make a thermos of it so I don’t have to get up all the time.
  3. Soup & chocolate.
  4. Movies to get you through the day

The trick with sick day movies  I’ve found is not to pick anything too intellectual or too sad.  If the movie is too intellectual you will be reminded that you are too sick to follow it or enjoy it.  If the movie is too sad, you will cry & feel sorry for yourself about being sick instead of out doing something on your day off.

I tend to stick to action movies or comedies with easy to follow story lines so you can nap when you need to & not really miss much.  I also tend to stick to trilogy’s as they required less decision-making (you have 6 hours worth of things you know you are going to watch) & as your sick you don’t get bored with 6 hours of the same storyline.

Kinga’s List of 10 Movie Trilogy’s to Watch When You Are Sick

1. Back to the Future

This is my go to.  It has everything I love:  Sci-fi, time travel, high-school coming of age storyline, America in the 50’s and a western.  It is like mom’s chicken soup of movies & perfect for the time you wish you were 7 & your mom could take care of you.  But, you are not & your mom lives across town or in another country. So suck it up sick-adult & re-live your childhood through a movie as you suffer alone.

2. Indiana Jones

Close tie with BTF & for the exact same reasons.  Indian Jones is another trilogy I love to get out when I’m sick. When I first saw Indian Jones I wanted to be Archeologist as I really believed I would fight evil Nazi / Russian spies over priceless historically findings.  I was 8.

Bonus: If you are really sick you can watch the 4th movie.

3. Resident Evil Trilogy

Perfect trilogy when you have a uber-infectious & disgusting cold or flu.  Your roommates basically treat you like you are sick with the zombie virus anyways & if you are honest with yourself you resemble one.  So you might as well lock yourself in your room & watch Alice kick zombie ass.

Bonus: Alice not dying gives you hope that you won’t.

4. Jane Austen’s Movie Adaptation 

While not technically a movie trilogy, most of Jane Austen’s most famous movies have been adapted into films. Numerous times.  With some many movie adaptations you can pick & choose your favourite versions to create your own Jane Austen trilogy.

Bonus: Might make you cry but in a good way.

5. Die Hard

Bad guys have the intricate plot to do harm to innocent people, Bruce Willis just happens to be there, things blow up & Bruce Willis saves the day with less clothes on then he had on a the beginning.  The end.

Pure unadulterated entertainment for the time you are not too sick to enjoy something but too sick to do anything.

Bonus: The fourth installment about evil hackers trying to take down America.  The story arch does not follow the original 3, which is what makes the original 3 a trilogy in my mind, but is still quite good for a day in bed.

The fifth one is awful.  I watched it so you don’t have it.

6. John Hughes 

Another not technically a trilogy-trilogy unless you make it one, but hey with a continuous theme, occurring actors & the same director it counts.  And who doesn’t like a DIY trilogy that is completely customized?

I pick the Molly Ringwald movies as it almost seems like you are watching the same story but in alternate universes. In the first we see Molly pre her Club rich-bitch phase who is revolting against her rich & disinterested parents.  In the last we get alternate-universe (or mixed up at birth) Molly who is the girl from the wrong end of the tracks.

7. The Terminator 

If it wasn’t for the awfulness of the 3rd movie this would be higher on my list, but because the third Terminator movies suck as much as being sick on a lovely Saturday, it gets spot #7 on my list of movies to watch in my couch nest.

The darkness of the trilogy provides perfect ambiance for a bad-weather sick day with body pains as you get to channel your anger at being sick into anger at the future-past idiots of human society that don’t understand why making thinking robots is a bad idea!

Bonus: If you are sick for multiple days you can watch the alternate universe Terminator movies.

8. The Bourne Trilogy

Matt Damon is extremely attractive as a super-military-spy-killer who is extremely competent at his job, with a nice-guy personality.  With few stupid characters who make unnecessarily stupid mistakes, especially female ones, this is one of my favourite action trilogy’s.  It is rather smart which sometimes make is too hard to watch when to one is especially sick.

9. Jurassic Park 

Jurassic Park is classic but the second & third movies fail to live up to the first. But, when I am sick I don’t notice the things that I usually don’t like about the second & third installments & just enjoy the ride.

10. Lord of the Rings

I reserve this trilogy for Christmas Holidays or the times I literally can’t leave my bed.  There is enough action & slow-paced scenes to keep you interested & nap when you need to.  Also the few times you will be able to watch two men walk around a lot is when you can’t.

Honorable Mentions

There are some other noteworthy trilogies which didn’t make my top 10 for one reason or another, but they still deserve a mention.

  1. Star Wars the Original
  2. American Pie
  3. Lethal Weapon
  4. Hunger Games
  5. The Matrix

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