Panamania Live at Nathan Philips Square

Yesterday I took a bike ride down to Nathan Philips Square to see what the City of Toronto has done for Panamania, a 35 day festival of arts & culture to celebrate the 2015 PanAm Games.

My reception of the games have been very much like the rest of Toronto – “meh” (which I wrote a post about earlier).  I am not a huge sport fan & the one sport I would go see is Soccer. But, Hamilton is too far away & since I couldn’t find enough information on which teams were playing the effort to get there outweigh the potential enjoyment.  Now if PanAm soccer was playing a BMO Stadium, I would be there!

But, when I started hearing about Panamania & seeing images from Nathan Philips Square & the Distillery District on my social feeds this week, I was intrigued enough to check out Nathan Philips Square myself.  It’s the closets Panamania venue to me & a friend of mine is involved in the event so I made it part of my Saturday afternoon plan to visit the Square.

The Kolleketive_Pan

I was not disappointed by my visit. For first sight, it is very apparat that a lot of planing & work went into building a concert hub at Nathan Philips Square & we as a city should be proud of the what has been done.  The crowds were steady during the day as people came to see the square, take a picture with the 3D Toronto sign, listen to some music & then continued on their way.

I suspect the square is much fuller during the evening performances as Nathan Philips Square is not an activity space like CIBC Pan AM Park.  The weekends seem to be the days on which the most well-known acts perform & our list of must-sees are:

  1. Tonight (Sunday July 12th): Death From Above 1979 @ 9:30 pm
  2. Wednesday July 22nd: Stars @ 8:15
  3. Friday August 7th: Chromeo @ 9:30 pm
  4. Saturday August 8th: The Roots @ 9:30 pm
  5. Wednesday August 12th: Austra @ 8:15 pm

Next on the list is to the Distillery District, followed by the CIBC Pan Am Park!


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