#TBT: Happy Birthday Canada

Last week we celebrated the birth of the land of politeness, Poutine, Nanaimo Bars, Maple Syrup, Beer & the 2-4.

To start the festivities we had a Canada Day BBQ on Wednesday. How better to celebrate our great nation then to wake up & start the BBQ? I know that is what we thought too.  We had a classic BBQ of burgers, salad & corn on the cob.  It was so delicious that neither one of us took a picture of the food.  The BBQ extended into the evening hours & as the sun came down our terrible sides came out with Cards Against Humanity.

Can we talk about how it was kind of weird it was to have a Canada Day on a Wednesday knowing you had to go back to work the next day? It wasn’t just me right? Although I will admit that the good thing about a Wednesday Canada Day is that I felt like I had two weekends in one work week.

So Friday we did what every Torontonian who doesn’t have cottage does,  go to the park. There was wine, food, conversation & fireworks.

On Sunday we got to put use the line  “we are with the band” as our introduction at an annual Canada Day BBQ in Pickering. We were there to support Lauren Alexandra and The Palmerston’s who were playing a gig at the party.  We had the best weather for an outdoor party.  The hosts were amazing, the food delicious & the music outstanding. We hope we get invited next year.

It was a pretty amazing Canada day week / long weekend to say the least.

How was your Canada day?


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