Music in the Streets 

North by North East hit the city this week. That time of year when we get 4 am last call (at select bars) & musicians roaming the streets. But, NXNE is not the only musical festival in town this week / weekend.

Yesterday, the Open Tuning Festival  took over the inner streets of The Annex with bands playing on porches, side streets & the lane ways of Seaton Village.  I stumbled upon Venue 06 at 426 Clinton Street which featured “Roots, Rockers, Rappers & Reggae”.  I missed the rappers but not the rockers & reggae acts.

Can I say what an amazing idea this is? To put on a one-day free music festival in Toronto & bring the community out to support local talent.  It is locally grown musical festivals like this that will make Toronto a music city.

I wish I had know about it, so I could have planned to drop by a few more venues. Next year!


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