#TBT Travel: That time we took a Greyhound to Calgary

10 years ago we took a Greyhound bus from Toronto to Calgary.

Four days of living on a moving bus, stopping in random towns, sleeping like pretzels & living off Ice caps! On day two we were tired of it all (except the Ice Capp’s) & quickly learned the key to surviving an extended Greyhound trip is to:

  1. Sleep when you can & for however long you can.
  2. Take the seats behind the driver to increase your chances of having the full seat to sleep on.
  3. Adopt the “do what you can” approach to cleanliness.  Realize you will NEVER have time to grab a shower at a stop.
  4. Thank god for Tim Horton’s in this country.

We never experienced anything dangerous on the trip, except the time the bus almost crashed because a deer came out of nowhere.

As an urbanite you don’t realize that a Greyhound is the most accessible & affordable method of travel for rural communities.   There were very few people who were travelling long distances, most were going to a town or two away or across provincial lines. So I guess one could say WE were the crazy ones on the bus ..

Calgary, 2005

Our trip to Calgary was partially sentimental.  Having spent part of our childhoods in the city, we wanted to visit some old childhood haunts, catch up with friends & family.

Calgary Skyline in 2005

Calgary Skyline in 2005

One of the places we ended up visiting, is  Heritage Park Historical Village.  The place holds very found memories for me as every summer the City held the School Patrol Day at the park (which still exists!).  School Patrol Day not only included a day out of school, free ice cream & hot dogs but it was also the day the city announced the winners of the city Patroller Championship. It was all very exciting & in my last year of elementary school, we won the school Patroller championship for the first time ever in the history of the school!

We also went up to Banff to see the Rockies.  One must do that when in Calgary.  There is no excuse really.

We went on a hike … and to this day I believe the higher elevation in Calgary is the reason I couldn’t last long as long on the hike as my Calgarian friends.

The trip was fun.

I never took a Greyhound on such a long trip again.  Capri pants went out of fashion a few summers after (thank god .. what were we thinking?) & our next trips to Calgary were solo affairs.


2 thoughts on “#TBT Travel: That time we took a Greyhound to Calgary

  1. aleksawal says:

    You can get to the most random far off places on the greyhound…its actually pretty incredible. Way to rock those ’05 trends though 😉

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