We Love Summer

It’s the weekend, the sun is shining and we can’t help but think about barbecues, patios, and summer time hang outs!!

We’ve listed just a few of the many reasons why Summer is our favourite season:

  1. The longer days of sunshine means everyone has more time to enjoy life and less need to rush around.
  2. Everyone looks happier.
  3. Vitamin D does wonders for the body; enhances your immune system and helps to maintain a health body weight.
  4. The colourful selection of fresh fruit and vegetables at Farmer’s Markets and local grocery stores.
  5. Chance to reconnect with old friends over brunch, dinner, or some drinks. I mean, who can say no to Happy Hour?
  6. It’s easier to drive around the city during cottage season because so many people leave to enjoy some sun, nature, and beer by a lake.
  7. Catalyst for major life changes; moving into a new place or even to a different city/country/continent, working out, meet someone special, career changes, engagements, etc.
  8. Those divine days where you get to be lazy by a pool or at the beach.
  9. Ordering an Iced Capp from Tim Hortons always makes sense.
  10. Tons of music festivals, concerts, street festivals, theatre, and outdoor movies to check out.
  11. Sun kissed tan, but remember to use a moisturizer with SPF!
  12. Those weeks where you use the barbecue to cook your dinner every night of the week.
  13. Ice cream, enough said.
  14. Less layers to wear in the Summer makes it easy to just run out the door and shopping is a lot easier without all that bulk.
  15. Drinking a beer on the patio.
  16. All-inclusive vacation billboards and commercials don’t affect you like they did during those dark, cold Winter months.
  17. Having fun exercising outdoors; running, biking, basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, etc.

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