Strange is This World

Click here for the English translated lyrics of the song.

Whether it’s a news report, something you notice on your way home, hear it from a friend, or find it on the internet- we all have a moment where we feel the world is a strange place.

A Polish rock artist by the name of Czesław Niemen released “Dziwny jest ten swiat/Strange is this world” in 1967 under Niemen & Akwarele. This song is one of the most influential protest songs of the era in Poland, where good and evil was reflected in the struggle of trusting your neighbour and remaining hopeful for better days. Niemen who was heavily criticized by Communist officials for his alternative image wondered how harsh people could be with their judgement? How low will people go?

Nieman’s voice, lyrics, and image influenced Polish youth who connected with his disappointment and sadness of political and social affairs. Officials annoyed by Nieman’s impact on Polish society methodically tarnished his reputation in media and news reports throughout his career.

Below is a biography on Czesław Niemen in Polish with English subtitles.


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