Vintage Communist Posters for International Woman’s Day

To mark today’s celebration we are taking a look at vintage communist International Women’s day propaganda posters. 

Started by the Socialist movement in Europe, the tradition of celebrating March 8th as International Woman’s Day flourished in post World War 2 communist countries.  With this tradition came the annual production of propaganda posters to educate the people on the celebration.

The posters demonstrate the evolution of women’s role in society in communist Europe.  The pre-World War 2 posters focused on women’s participation in the socialist cause.  In the post World War 2 world, the focus was on celebrating the importance of a woman’s role in rebuilding the nation, which included changing the culture of the nation to be in-line with the vision of a Communist world.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s the theme of International Woman’s Day changed to become a day acknowledgement & celebration of women’s role in society.  This change is reflected in change in the design of the posters, which move to a softer & feminine look that mimic the look of Mother’s Day card.

Happy International Woman’s Day!


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