#LastNight: Summer Fling Dance Party

What better way to deal with this bitter winter than to dance?

Not just dance in your living room, but really dance. Dance in a darkly lit bar with friends & strangers until you sweat.

If you haven’t done this in a while, we recommend you do. Like asap. It will make your desire to laze around in bed the next morning justifiable.

Last night, we headed over to the The Steady Cafe & Bar for their Summer Fling Dance Party, to get our dance on.  The Steady Cafe is located on Bloor in-between Ossington & Dufferin & serves as a vegan cafe-bistro during the day & a bar at night. The Steady’s minimalistic decor, coral colors walls & mirrors makes the bar feel larger has an intimate feel with a laid-back cool hip vibe to it.  With a great drink menu, a small but well picked draft beer selection, & a large selection of Tall Boy Beer, The Steady Cafe has a good set up for a dance party.

Last nights crowd was small, but made up of those who just wanted to have fun & dance.  The best kind of crowd for a night you want to relax & let loose on a Friday night.  We got there a tad bit before 10 pm, but the majority of people tricked in after 10:30, with a full dance party in swing by 11 pm.  There crowd was a mix of straight & gay, with women far outnumbering men.  Single straight men & gay ladies – if I am to go by last nights crowd, this is a place for you to go on a regular to meet a cool, unpretentious woman.

The music was an eclectic mix of songs that have been popular in the last 40 years, but not Top 40 popular, but YouTube popular.  The music lacked that perfect flow, but it kept everyone dancing.


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