Kollektive Oscar Review: The Imitation Game

I am a big fan of WWII movies, so I expected to enjoy this movie due to WWII setting alone. Yes there were some key historical inaccuracies in this movie – chief among them that it was Polish cryptologists that broke the Enigma Code & not British.  But, we Poles are used to the glory of our WWII work going to the British.

This review may contain spoilers.

The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game_Kollektive

Review Summary: Brilliant gay man does something good for humankind but things end sadly because people suck.

The Imitation Game is less a war movie and more of a character movie.  It was quite good but it lost me in the move from winning the war to post-war tragedy.  It felt like the movie rushed the transition from war to post-war.  The was not transition, just the start of a new scene.

Like American Sniper, The Imitation Game has a female lead that serves little purpose to the story line.  Kiera Knightly is a good actress, but I don’t know why she is nominated for this role.  This role of Joan Clarke does not deserve a nomination. Meryl Streep could have played Joan Clarke & I would say the same thing.  Joan Clarke was a pointless character.  There was some initial promise to the character & potentially some depth .. but the quickly ended and Joan Clarke serves as much purpose to the storyline as a chair.

Benedict Cumberbatch showed excellent acting as always. But, no surprises here. I liked him, but then again Benedict Cumberbatch can play an evil villain & you will still like him.  The man has the gift of likeability.

The stand out in this movie is Alex Lawthere, the actor who played Young Allan. Brilliant performance of a gay youth experiencing his first love in an oppressive setting & era. Hope to see more of him.

I wouldn’t watch this movie again. I don’t regret seeing it. It was an interesting movie & I always enjoy WWII themed movies. It was not what I thought it was going to be & I did feel at the end that the movie didn’t know either. Was this a WWII story or a story of a gay man? Didn’t end up being either one at the end.

Oscar Prediction: Won’t win any significant awards.


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