Kollektive Oscar Review: Selma



Review Highlight: “We build the path as we can, rock by rock”

When things are wrong with the world. What do you do? Do you ignore it & go on? Do you fight? Do you embark on a campaign of Civil Disobedience to have your message & voice heard?

I really enjoyed this movie. Selma, is an engrossing and powerful movie.  The kind that makes you think & feel. I was completely focused on the story of Selma.  Selma does not shy away from showing the shades of gray of human nature and American politics.  No one is truly evil in this movie. Just lost in hatred and fear.

David Oyelowo is outstanding in his role as Martin Luther King Jr & dominates the movie.  The supporting cast is amazing & yes Oprah is in the movie.  Her role is small but significant.  I enjoyed her performance.  You can feel her discomfort and shame in the Registers Office, as she attempts to register to vote.

I can see why Selma was shut out of the Oscars.  It is too honest & blunt.  It takes no pity on white racists & portrays them for what they are.  But, it is the movies portrayal of the role of the government in supporting institutionalized racism that makes people squeamish.  It hits too close to home & mirrors too much American’s current reality.

Oscar Prediction:  Should have received a nomination for Best Actor & Director.  Will win Best Original Song.


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