Kollektive Oscar Review: American Sniper

A couple of weeks ago I was sick and I decided I would watch ALL of the Best Picture Oscar Nominees.  I got through two movies that weekend as I kept finding other movies that I wanted to watch instead.

This review may have some small spoilers.

American Sniper

American Sniper_movie_Kollektive

Review Summary : Chuck Norris movie with feelings.

I like action movies and can enjoy a war movie without getting political about it, but American Sniper is a political movie. Don’t listen to what Bradley Cooper says, this is a film with a political message. What that message is .. I will let you decided.

Let’s start off with Sienna Miller’s character.  Completely useless to the film.  I didn’t connect with the character.  She seemed flighty.  When we first meet her, she declares she wouldn’t marry a Navy Seal, but guess what happens?  I will commend Sienna Miller on her acting as it was excellent, but the material she had to work with was awful.

Bradley Cooper plays Chris Kyle, the simple, Texas boy who just wants to protect his country. Okay, I get it, you have good intentions.  You joined the army after 9/11 &  all you want to do is protect your country and your team .. but you’ve killed women & children in cold blood. You showed no remorse when something you did caused the death of two people – a gruesome and sad one at that.  And on top of that he is a dick to his ever suffering wife.  Chris Kyle was not a hero.  He was a man who do what he had to do.  Some people will praise him for it & others will curse him.

The most redeeming character was the Bad Sniper. I actually liked him the most. His war made sense to me – he use to be an Olympian, he is a young family man & his country has been invaded.  He is protecting his home & his family.

Other than that, no one else stood out in this movie as a character I cared about or like.

I didn’t like this movie. Sure it pulled at my heartstrings at the end a bit. I didn’t dislike Chris. I sort of liked him, but then I would see him in combat and it was hard to even emphasize. He lacked empathy with the Iraqi’s & didn’t even see them as human beings.  Maybe this is how you survive but I didn’t like it when the movie tried to jam “Ra Ra America, War is Good” bullshit down my throat (because let us not forget we are at War with Terror right now) as I watched a stupid war that made no sense play out on-screen.

I will get the makers credit – they tried to show the “other side” of the conflict. Bravo.

Oscar Predictions: It’ll will something.  Maybe best Director.


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