When it wasn’t this cold

It’s the middle of January and it is cold.

It is also Wednesday, Hump Day, or the day it is the hardest to get out of bed in the morning.  Your warm snuggly bed, with your warm covers.  Who wants to go outside into the brisk cold? There is no freedom in the cold, you can’t just casually stroll outside to skip on the sidewalk.  Going outside in the winter is serious business. You need to ensure you are properly protected for the conditions outside, which requires at least 5 minutes of “layering”.

Well, at least we are more than half way through January.  It will get start to get better.  And as we wait for the cold days to pass, lets take a moment to remember what is coming – spring, summer, sunshine, days in the park.


2 thoughts on “When it wasn’t this cold

  1. aleksawal says:

    So optimistic…thank you for reminding me it’s going to get better. It feels like Christmas was 3 months ago and this January will never end. I’ll think about the next time my body can sit on grass again instead 🙂

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