For the love of Joan Didion

Since becoming the face of Celine, Joan Didion has been getting a lot of love online.  Her packing list has become a Tumblr must-have. The Washington Post did a piece on Joan Didion representing the triumph of “the Smart Girl. i-D explored Didion’s Tumblr Currency.   Then there is the infamous $1,200 Joan Didion jacket, which has sold out in case you were rushing for your credit card to get it.

Not being a traditional fashion lover, I had a general knowledge of Didion.  I was aware of Joan’s fashion aesthetic – minimalist, effortless, classic with a bit of an edge.  It reminded me of my mother’s and the other women in my family, who valued a few key pieces of well made clothes, Italian shoes and bold jewelry as staples of their clothes.

In my mind the current appeal of Joan Didion as a fashion icon goes hand in hand with the shift from a consumerist driven fashion sense to that of a vintage inspired minimalism.   Less is in.  Having the ability to wear the same piece ten times and make it look unique is prized as the skill of the stylish.  Paris Hilton is out and Joan Didion is in.

Celine could have used one of the many shots of a youthful Didion that are floating around Tumblr, but instead opted to use Juergen Teller’s shot, which shows an 80-year-old Didion casually perched on a flowered couch with her signature glasses. Absolute genius.  I love this shot.  When I look at it, it evokes memories of my effortlessly fashionable and beautiful female relatives.  The women who taught me the importance of good skin care, mascara, statement necklaces and a well-tailored clothing.

Joan Dididon Celine Ad


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