Monday Night Pints

Winter Mondays are by far the worst type of Mondays.

It is cold. It is dark.

You wake up and it is dark and cold, you leave work and it is darker and colder.

You basically live in the dark.

Which quickly becomes troublesome as you turn into a creature of the night that scurries to its cave to cocoon itself in its nest of socks, sweaters and blankets.

Now if winter in Canada was not 11 months long (not factually correct but it sure as heck feels like it) this life of hibernation and darkness would be a refreshing opportunity to re-charge.  Especially if you didn’t have to go to work everyday or leave your house.

So sometimes the best way to deal with a case of the winter Mondays is bundle up and make your way to a cosy pub for a pint or two.

the kollektive greenroom monday pints

the kollektive klara in a hot hat


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