Expectation vs Experience : A Hockey Game

I am not a major hockey fan, but I decided to embrace the icy sport as a way to make life bearable during the long, cold, winter months. My husband received a pair of hockey tickets as a Christmas gift and I got to be his lucky date! Seeing as I have never been to a game I figured it’d be fun to compare what I expect to happen versus how the experience turns out.

What I expect from the hockey game:

  • Long line ups for over priced beer.
  • It’ll be cold and I will wish I had put on an extra layer.
  • I will have a hard time spotting and following the puck.
  • It’ll be really fun and energizing when the Leafs score.
  • There will be a massive crowd exiting at the same time, unless the game is awful in which case people will trickle out.

My experience at the hockey game:

  • There were definitely crowds at the beer stands, but I’ll be honest and admit that my husband made the trip to buy the beer.
  • It was chill inside the Air Canada Centre, but I was fine because it felt like -27 degrees Celsius outside so I had to put on layers just to get to the game.
  • Surprisingly it was easier to follow the puck then watching on TV.
  • Once the Leafs scored the whole arena filled with noise, cheers, everyone was standing up and clapping! Throughout the game you would hear different sections of the arena cheering “Go Leafs Go”.
  • The Leafs were loosing and my husband was starving, so with 3 minutes left of play we decided to leave. I do not regret it because with Union Station still under construction I don’t even wanna know how packed the platform would have been.
  • After so many years it was fun to sing the Canadian Anthem and still remember the words.
  • I love how ridiculously polite we are as Canadians, every time someone had to leave or return to their seats they would say sorry.
  • I never realized how many breaks are taken in a period to remove the loose ice from the rink.
  • I loved the reaction couples would have once they saw themselves on the Michael Hill Kiss Cam. Of course I fixed my hair hoping that I would get my 5 seconds, but it didn’t happen and I’m sure my husband was relieved that we didn’t get picked.
  • It pays off to be apart of Leafs Nation because a fan can win a ticket to watch a home game in the Ford Fan Deck.
  • The Maple Leafs truly have die-hard fans from young to old. It was interesting to see the passion and tradition passed on from grandparents to children, I even noticed a toddler had a tiny jersey on.

I enjoyed the very Canadian experience of watching a live hockey game, it was a fun date night but I won’t be buying tickets any time soon. It’s unfortunate that the Toronto Maple Leafs are not the winning team their fans hope and believe is possible. I mean the tickets are too expensive to watch them lose, so I’ll catch a game at home or at a bar where the beer fits my budget.


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