10 Reasons to Cook at Home Over Getting Take Out

1. Time to unwind with a glass of wine and chat with your roommate or significant other, as you set your own pace when preparing a meal.

2. All about personal preference, you get exactly what you want; spicy, no cheese, extra cheese, or loaded with mushrooms.

3.  Cost effective and we can all benefit from saving money.

4. Experimenting with ingredients and spices you will eat less unnecessary fats and sugars, and it helps to manage weight loss which is always a bonus!

5. Feeling satisfied after a good meal and not feeling gassy or bloated.

6. Fun to try cooking with new ingredients and discover flavours.

7. Leftovers always make life easier.

8. Confidence boost to prepare a tasty meal or follow a recipe correctly.

9. Lets be real, it’s practical to know how to cook as an adult because you can only enjoy sandwiches, ramen noodles, and take out for so long.

10. At the end of the day comfort is key as you get to enjoy a fresh meal at home, in your comfy clothes, with no make up on and catch up on your favourite shows.


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