Brazil Sunset

The Kollektive Wanderlust in 2014

Our desire to travel, wander cities, explore beaches and eat really amazing food had us booking tickets to explore these incredible places.

Klara: Santa Catarina, Brasil

This beautiful state in the South of Brasil should be on everyone’s list of places to see. An unforgettable drive along the ocean coastline is enough to feel like you died and went to heaven. I indulged in sunshine, freshly made churros at the beach, Acai, and refreshing coconut water. If I could jump on a plane today I would fly to the gorgeous island of Florianopolis. Haven’t heard about it? Google it.

Klara: Curitiba, Brasil 

With the opportunity to visit an old friend we said goodbye to the beach life and drove further North into Paraná. An interesting fact about Curitiba is the city is known as the “London of the South” for the number of cloudy and raining days each year. Unfortunately for us we did not know this, nor did we pack for the weather, luckily the beautiful city had plenty of attractions to see and places to eat or have a shot of tequila.

Klara: Rio de Janeiro

Ah Rio, you smelt like pee but you sure are beautiful. Looking down from Sugar Loaf Mountain I fell in love with the magic of the city. No matter what the time of day there are always people roaming the city, playing volleyball, and drinking at bars or along the beach. The funnest way to explore is by bike,  initially I was terrified but once that passed I was addicted. I remember biking around Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon trying to spot Christ the Redeemer and wanting to bike another lap. I love the energy of the city.

Kinga: New York City

In 2014 I went to New York for the first time.  I know, I don’t know how I have not gone before?  But no more. I’ve been sold on making New York part of my life.  New York architecture is amazing and there are almost too many opportunities for photo taking, almost.

Kinga: Varadero, Cuba

Last minute escape to Varadero, Cuba for some beach time fun.  For a week I went to the beach every day and started at the blue sky, blue water and beach.  It was simple yet gorgeous.

Kinga: London, England

In the fall I took a trip to my second favourite city in the world, London.  The weather was beautiful and perfect for city walking and eating out on the garden.  I spent a full day in Covent Garden people watching on a particularly sunny day, got to catch up with some family and friends and make some new ones.


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