10 Times Toronto was Really Good at Giving Advice in 2014

I realized that my city is really good at giving you life advice.  You might not realize it, but all those notes on the bathroom wall, graffiti and quotes on chalk boards have meaning … if you know how to look for it.

My last Kollektive post of 2014 is a list of 10 quotes I found in Toronto this year that give some damn good advice.

10 Times Toronto was Really Good at Giving Advice in 2014

#1. The time you found the meaning of life in your 30’s, in a bar.


#2. The time you realized that you are part of the last generation who will always miss life before the Internet (and social media).

I miss my life before the internet

#3. The time you were considering, maybe considering this major life decision but then you realized you can’t keep a plant alive.

IMG_2415#4. The moment you realize you are about to make some bad decisions.


#5. The time you realized you are not satisfied with how things are going.  No, actually you are really angry about how things are going!!


#6. The time you realized what might actually be holding you back in life and the things you want. Like the thing that would help you keep a plant alive.

emotional baggage

#7. The time you just needed to stop and think about it.


#8. The time you realized that this sounds like true love to you.

Lets eat sandwiches together

#9.  The time you remembered how awesome the 90’s where and realized that you don’t spend enough time thinking about awesome the 90’s where.

I miss hip hop 1993

#10. The time you were reminded that you only have one life and it is yours to make what you want out of it.

Life is an Opporunity


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