November the “Month of Me”

the Kollektive Happy Daylights Saving

Today we start the month of November with an extra hour of doing anything we want, or in our case an extra hour of sleep.

Neither Klara or I are what you would call big fans of winter.  There are so many reasons we consider winter as our least favourite season, but the lack of daylight is probably in the top 3.  So the coming of Daylight Saving is bittersweet for us as on the one hand we get an extra hour of sleep but on the other … we slowly move towards the shortest day of the year.


But, the upcoming month is going to be interesting.  Klara has coined it the “Month of Me” as we have both decided to spend more time focusing on what is important to us & doing that which brings positivity into our lives.   We will most definitely be sharing some of our experiences on The Kollektive, so stay tuned for some posts. But, for now I’m going to crawl back under the covers & watch a corny movie.

Happy Sunday!


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