Play in Darkness

This weekend we’re dressing up for Halloween, turning back our clocks, and playing in darkness.

It quickly gets boring to hang out at home, with the urge to get out for a walk earlier this week we ended up stopping for some beers. We have to support the local businesses somehow, without them how would all the Torontonians survive?


Passing through Kensington Market we had to stop by the elusive Cold Tea. I’ve heard about this bar from multiple friends, but good luck trying to find it because I didn’t notice a sign so luckily I had Kinga as my guide. If you’re looking for a hidden gem, with cold beer and good music then Cold Tea is a spot for you. We saw couples, groups of friends, and even the suited Corporate folks.

Toronto Toronto the kollektive
Toronto the kollektive
Toronto the kollektive
The best way to stretch a night out, especially when you’re on budget, is to bar hop! We stopped by Toronto’s beloved Nacho haven, Sneaky Dee’s, because no matter what day it is this place is always packed. We were tempted by the fajitas, although we stayed strong and stuck to our beer diet.

Toronto the kollektive
Toronto the kollektive

Toronto the kollektiveGet out and make the most of the city bars, restaurants, cafes, and everything else to enjoy! Winter is only as awful as you make it.

Toronto the kollektive


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