The Kollektive: Music Moment

For today’s “Music Moment” we are gonna go for the lovey-dovey factor.

Before I met my husband I never paid much attention to Jack Johnson’s music, but as we settled into married life and I fell more in love with my him the lyrics of the songs took on a new meaning. I remember one afternoon I was sitting in a park with my husband and a few of his friends as he played “Banana Pancakes” on his acoustic guitar and it made me blush because I knew he was singing it to me. Last year he surprised me and took me to see Jack Johnson play live at Massey Hall in Toronto and I remember the energy and how the whole audience was captivated. Even earlier this year, one of my favorite memories as we drove to beaches in Santa Catarina, Brasil we sang along until the CD was so scratched we could only listen to three songs without it skipping.

Enjoy the track and make sure you think of your special someone!


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