Everyday Questions you always answer “yes” to

We always focus on how the big decisions shape our lives, but sometimes it is the small, daily choices that have the biggest impact.  Making the choice to go left rather than right, or washing your hair in the morning, can result in taking you down a new path in life.

And the thing with daily choices is … you should probably say yes to most of those little questions you ask yourself through out the day.

I am one of those people who thinks out loud  & end up verbalizing my daily decision making.  Since I live with people, I end up getting answers to these questions from others. And I have learned that  there are some questions that I always get  a “Yes” answer to.

6 Questions You Always Answer “Yes” To

1) “Do you think I should wash my hair?”

Nothing bad ever comes out of having fresh & clean hair.  If it makes you feel good, then your day will improve without you having done more than take that extra 10 minutes in the shower.

2) “Should I go for a run this morning?”

If you are like me, the urge to work out does not come naturally.  But, you should always  do yourself a favour & answer yes to anything that invvolves physical activity.  Worst case you will end up going for a short run & not break any personal records.  Best case – you did something.

 3) “Do you think this needs a belt?”

Belts are not just for holding up your pants.  They can alter your shape (improve)  & take an outfit from okay-average to “damn girl”.  Thus, the answer is always yes.

 4) “Should I take a nap?”

Yes.  Yes you should.   I have never regretted taking a 20 minute nap & neither will you.

5) “Should I get some cash before we go?”

I know that debit & credit is accepted everywhere but life has taught me it is still best to have cash on you.   During the 2003 black out I got stuck downtown with Klara with only $20 between the two of us, because I didn’t go to the ATM when I first asked myself this question.

6) “Should I write a blog post about this?”

If the creative spark has flared in you, don’t let it pass by not doing something with it.  Even if the post is complete rubbish & you don’t ever publish it.  It probably lead to something better or you end up publishing the post a year later.  Like this post for example.

So go out there & say yes more often!


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