Mustard Yellow

We are noticing subtle hints of fall and don’t worry we’re not talking about falling leaves or cooler temperatures, we’re talking fashion! Mustard yellow is both subtle and eye catching, it can be a tricky shade to pull off but with the right piece it’s magical. thekolletkive- parisinfourmonths and weworewhat
Denim shorts, our summer essential, are comfortable, flattering and you can wear anything with them. As seen above,  We Wore What pulls off the look with ease and has us drooling over the purse. To transition this look into fall it’s as easy as getting a light wash, long pair of jeans. In case that’s not your preference, try a fun and flirty look with the dresses and skirts in your closet as seen below.

thekollektive- jessicaalba, parisinfourmonths, weworewhatDanielle Bernstein of We Wore What and Jessica Alba, pictured above, stick with monochromatic tones and complimentary stripes.

We love summer but fall is on it’s way and we have to admit that we love the season because it’s all about sweaters, scarves, and warm harvest colours.

(The super cute car and Dior heels can be found at Paris in Four Months)


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