The Kollektive at The Christie Pits Film Festival

Every Sunday night the Christie Pits Film Festival brings the Annex community together to watch a movie in the park.  Now in its fourth year the Festival is drawing crowds in the thousands.

Christie Pits Film Festival Toronto 1 night

After our move to the Annex, we’ve been attending the Sunday-night film watching with our 999 other friends to hang out in the park, eat some food & enjoy the free movie.  The thing that keeps us coming back each week is not the “free movie” but the amazing sense of community the festival brings to the neighborhood.

Christie Pits Film Festival Toronto night 2 People usually start showing up to the Pits around 6pm to grab a good spot & have a picnic pre-movie dinner. The  trickle of people slowly increases to a steady stream after 7pm once the TALLBOYS Craft Beer House  run-Canteen opens.

Christie Pits Film Festival_toronto_dayIn a time of hyper-connectivity it is refreshing to go to a park & watch a movie with a thousand other strangers.  Most people end up ignoring their phones, except to keep in touch with a friend who is meeting them at the Pits since finding anyone is almost impossible in the crowd and to take a picture of the awe-inspiring sea of humanity.

Christie Pitts FIlm Festival Toronto night

This year’s festival theme is Days of Summer movies with classics such as Stand By Me and  A League of Their Own being featured alongside critically acclaimed short films like “Wapawekka” directed by Danis Goulet.

If you live in Toronto & love movies, we’d recommend that you check out the Christie Pits FIlm Festival this Sunday!  We’re watching Hitchock’s classic Rear View Window.


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