The Kollektive Gallery Crawl in Leslieville

If you are like us, your summer list of things to do and places to see is longer than you can even remember. There’s that concert the week after you move into your new place, family barbecue the next, last minute plans for everything, a bike ride around Ward’s Island, and an event down at Harbourfront and another one and another.

Toronto Leslieville Art Gallery Crawl

Our weekends were reserved for World Cup matches, but now that it’s over we had time to check out the Leslieville Gallery Crawl. We heard about the event on Twitter through the Project Gallery, one of the stops along the crawl currently showcasing an exhibit until July 23 called “All of the Lights”.  Along the way we picked up the “Star Fords” print at Atomic Toybot, it was hard to decide because there were multiple to choose from.

Due to our tardiness we missed the live painting at the Kryart Studio, but still enjoyed walking through their studio.

Toronto Leslieville Art Gallery Crawl

We were captivated by the pieces at M.J.G Gallery especially the mixed media. The artists managed to combine multiple elements into one piece without it looking awkward or out of place. We also love pieces that capture a snap shoot of the city, which we found in the gallery including the CN Tower, New City Hall and Honest Ed’s.

Toronto Leslieville Art Gallery Crawl

Once we finished the gallery crawl we walked through the neighbourhood and enjoyed the colour and charm of the storefronts. Palm trees and yellow doors are always a good idea, clearly.

Toronto Leslieville Art Gallery Crawl

What started out as an afternoon of art, ended with a pint on the patio at Joy Bistro Bar after checking out the local thrift shop. We live in Toronto, an incredible city full of fun (often free) and creative ways to spend our time and money. If you’re thinking about plans for next weekend, we recommend checking out all the shops, cafes,  and restaurants Leslieville has to offer. With a view like this, you definitely will not regret it.

Toronto Leslieville Art Gallery Crawl


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