Now or Never Phase for Fans of the World Cup

Today marks a bitter sweet point in our World Cup festivities, it’s the second last phase- the SEMI-FINALS!

In a matter of days the winner will be crowned, fans and friends will celebrate (or drink away their tears), and most of us will wake up hungover on Monday morning starting the long countdown to the next World Cup. As a fan, why do we put ourselves through this emotional roller coaster? We have come up with 5 reasons why its Awesome and Stressful to be a World Cup fan.

It’s Awesome to be a World Cup Fan because:

1. For 4 weeks every 4 years you get to put up your flags, wear your jersey to work, discuss game plays and drink beer!

2. Great way to meet people in the city; the common interest and team support is an ice breaker.

3. When your team dominates a match, you remember that afternoon for years to come.

4. You get to day dream about your team winning in the finals (if they get out of the group phase).

5. It’s summer in Canada, so even if you’re friends and co-workers “don’t get it” everyone is happy and enjoying the weather!

It’s Stressful to be a World Cup fan because:

1. So much passion and pride is invested in your team.

2. You scream as loud and often as you can at the TV, but the team isn’t playing better and the coach isn’t making the substitution. Frustrating!

3. Even if you’re having an awesome day, your team loosing makes it an awful and miserable day.

4. You don’t want to hear anything from anyone when you’re team loses. Nothing. The team no longer exists. What is Rob Ford up too?

5. It only happens every 4 years! Who knows what life will look like next week, let alone 4 years from now. Will your team even qualify?

For us at the Kollektive we love the World Cup because of the passion, the unexpected underdog moving forward (Chile kicking Spain’s ass!), and let’s face it the tattoos, muscles, and footwork makes its easy to watch those soccer players 😉

Germany vs. Brasil

We are so serious, that yes this is our front porch and our household will be divided today. Only one of us will be celebrating, the pain will be real and we are not ready for this.

~ Klara


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